Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Failures :(

It saddens me that I have to do this...but, in wanting to complete the 101 Challenge in just over a year (I couldn't help but start some of the challenges before January 1st once I have made the list!) I have had to resign myself to the fact that some of the challenges will be failures :(

4/101 that I have to claim as failures are a pretty good effort I reckon! Especially considering that at least 2 of these were just out of my hands time and space wise and I will be putting them onto my 52 in 52 List for 2013 - so not failed, just rain checked. It's also taught me a few things about making a list that is challenging, but doable with a full time job and a full time husband and toddler.

Failure #1;

I started this off with a hiss and a roar. Over the whole year I managed to do this with around 5 artists, a few albums, but nothing close to 1 album every week. I've also done a really crap job of learning about the artists. I did try, but with everything else going on, this was impossible.
What I've learnt from the failure of this challenge? Not to set challenges where I'm having to do something out of the ordinary every week. If I do have an 'every week' challenge it will need to be something I'm doing anyway, but in a new and improved way - like cooking dinner, but trying something new each week, a challenge I did complete this year. Woo hoo!

The albums I did manage to do this with were;
Ed Sheeran - +
Paramore - Brand New Eyes
Paramore - Riot
Led Zepplin Greatest Hits
Queens of the Stoneage - Songs for the Deaf
Queens of the Stoneage - Self Titled
Nirvana - Bleach

Failure #2;

This one came down to a space issue and the fact that we're planning on moving house in the next little while. It also came down to cost. Large pots cost heaps! It's still something I would like to do in future., but maybe when we get into our new house. I'll then be able to shape everything around that outdoor space, rather than fit something in that I really made to fit our current place.
What I've learnt from the failure of this challenge? Think about the space I'm working in. Think about what I've got to work with, both money wise and space wise.

Failure #3;
It's really sad that I didn't make this one. It's also completely my fault. I've fallen off the horse so many times I don't even know where it is anymore! I have lost 4kg which is almost half way.
What I've learnt from the failure of this challenge? Not pin everything on a number? I know I want to fit into clothes better and be happier with how I look but I am somewhat - why pin my happiness of this onto a number? A couple of weeks ago I had a few compliments at work about how I was going but I didn't take the compliments well complaining that the numbers on the scales weren't showing the same. I did although notice my clothes were easier to fit into. So had I put more muscle on and taken off some fat? Don't know and really.... don't care. I know if I've been eating well and exercising well and when I haven't been. I don't need to define that with a number.

Failure #4;

This one makes me the saddest I think. I tried to make this happen - twice. Weather did not want to play ball. One of the times I'd even made a whole picnic for the day and got everything ready, only to have the happiness sucked out of us with wind and rain. Booo.
But don't fret! To Waiheke we will go. I thought the January school holidays would be a good time to do this. We'll have some extra money floating around as Leah won't be at daycare for 2 weeks (which means no ripping out of my soul by having to pay them) and we'll have time when we're both off. So it has gone onto my list for next year.

So those are my 4 shameful failures for the year. It's made me a bit wiser I suppose, and for others I just needed to be a bit lenient with my time. They shall be done... and then I will say HAH! to the 101 list. But for now, I bow in defeat.

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