Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly 10 - A new week

First week back at work after a 2 week break today so want to go a bit easy on myself. It's already been a busy Term!

1. Waterblast the area around the washing line.

2. Begin planning my gourmet meal for 30 before 30.

3.  House lists - start adding to these.

4. Organise photo cupboard.

5.  Get photos printed.

6. Plan for more photos for the the 'Whanau' wall.

7. Check smoke alarms.

8. Read!

9. Organise Recipe folder.

10. Have some fun with the family in the weekend. Spend some time not worrying about getting things done!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekly 10 - here's how I went

1) Blog! Get back on the blogging wagon. I've had a love/hate relationship with it recently.
I feel like I'm back in the groove with this, and I'm determined to keep it going.

2) Begin the 'Love Yourself' Challenge'
Didja see my post?

3) Begin to make some of these habits. Numbers 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 27, 37, 39, 40, 42, 45 and 48 in particular interest me.
I've done super well with Meatless Monday's having just finished my 2nd. It's actually not too bad. I'd like to keep looking at these things to continue to make them habits.

4) Plan fun activities for Leah and Willow and days that I can commit to doing them when I'm back at work.

5) Read!
Went from 15% read to 42% read. Getting there! She's a big book!

6) Plan out 30 before 30.
I did this with a blog post you can find here.

7) Finish journal page and do another.

8) Make a kick-ass dinner on Wednesday for Mum.
We had Pork loin with blue cheese, shallots and pears, hassleback potato and steamed bok choy and then for dessert we had a self saucing pudding. Was delish!

9) Water blast the Washing Line area.

10. Sand the writing stool for school.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Road map for this 30 before 30 thang.

To date I have complete 17% of my goals (5) and I have another 43% on the go. Phoar! That's a 60% pass rate at the moment. Happy with that.

My problem is that I'm not used to waiting to get things done. If I have a to do list, I do it. It's hard for me to leave some things on the back burner while I focus on others, and it makes me worry about the ones that I haven't touched at all or put much thought into.

The ones that are worrying me at the moment:
#2 Learn how to apply a cracking face of make up.
#7 Swim with dolphins
#10 Write a children's book
#11 Make more money from my blog
#12 Master a fancy schmancy gourmet meal, and
#25 make time for video games

So let's have a closer look at these.

Things with the face of make up goal keep falling through, and ashamedly, it's not a huge priority for me. I've always wanted to be into make up, I like the idea of it, but the wearing it is another thing altogether. I'm sure it will get done, but if it didn't I wouldn't super cry? lol did I just say that?

For Swimming with Dolphins, I decided to keep it for the end of the year where hopefully I have achieved #2 on the list and will look primo in a wetsuit, lol. I am planning on using Dophin Seafaris and they recommend November - April as a time to do it. I wondered whether this might be a cool thing to do for my 30th birthday. (:

I started to look into #10 and the first thing that was suggested was to read lots of children's books. Which I do, on a daily basis. The knack here is coming up with a theme or idea...it's an easy one to push to the back burner for sure.

#11 is also a tough one. I've had someone approach me recently to do a sponsored post. So that could be a start...

I really want to start on planning #12. In fact, I might even pop it into my next week's Weekly 10 goals. I have been worried about what people will think I meant by 'gourmet'. I even asked my facebook friends today what they think of when they think of 'gourmet food', but I think I might just stick to the 'fancy schmancy' part of the goal. Who cares what is considered 'gourmet' or 'fancy schmancy'.... a 5 course meal that I've taken time to complete will be deliciously awesome no matter what you label it!

I have been doing pretty good with #25. But I also get very frustrated. I feel like if I make a mistake or can't pass something (STUPID SAND BOSS ON PIKMIN!!!) that I'm wasting my time. It shouldn't be that way! I enjoy playing games, when I'm not putting pressure on myself to enjoy them. It's a vicious cycle. My head is a nasty place when you're me. I need to give myself time to relax and time to enjoy. Stop being the fun nazi Kate!

I'm glad I thought about that. It's made me feel better about my progress and every now and then I feel a pang of 'uh oh' about it. 8 months to go!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Things I'm Loving

It's been a long time between posts in this series. I decided to give 'Things I'm Loving' a rest for a while because I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I found I was scrounging for things to find, and it shouldn't be that way. I've tried to revive it a couple of times between now and then to no avail, but I'm hoping this will be the push to get it going again.

Firstly, I'm loving feeling better. I was feeling super drained towards the end of the term, and the holidays have really perked me up again. It's amazing what spending some time with friends and having some 'me' time can do in such a short amount of time.

Super loving this photo of first time on a swing for this girl. She's such a cheery little thing. We've had a trying time with her and sleep recently (although tough for us is probably nothing compared with others, we're such wusses!) but seeing her little smiley face (at an appropriate time of the day) means you can't help but love her to bits.

Also loving 'Murder Burger' milkshakes. Burger was OK, although I wouldn't go for the Wild boar bacon number again. I prefer my bacon super normal thank you very much.

Loving this big girl and the fact that she pretty much always spells her name correctly, it's just that sometimes H and S sound so much alike! I love that she loves learning. I intrinsically do things with her, sometimes without realising it. and she loves to learn, and boy can she ask a question!

And last but not least...I'm looking forward to planning a trip to go and do this. Eeeep!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Dream big, aim high and pay your bills on time!"

I'm excited to cross this one off my list - as I am with any of my goals - but this one especially as it has meant some beneficial changes for our day-to-day, week-to-week lives.

It's noteworthy to say that after looking into it, I only changed one of these things - our phone provider - and even decided not to change out power company because even though they're not the cheapest, it's easy. Let me break it down a bit.

I'll start with what I decided to change. Being a Capricorn (or I'm going to blame it on that) I'm a super bitch grudge holder. And poor Telecom, or spark as they're now known learned that a scorned woman in me, does not a harmonious phone company/customer relationship make.
Poor service and then poor customer service, even from a manager meant that I was fast on the lookout for another provider.
This actually turned out really well for us as we chose to go to Vodafone and were able to consolidate both our phone and Sky television (cable TV) bills into one. We're now saving, on these bills combined, around $60 a month, which I think is a pretty big deal.

Now, with the insurance company. I was more than ready to begin looking into new insurance companies and finding out if I was getting the best deal. I know our premiums are slightly higher and it would be nice to pay less every month for this. And then my stupid dog broke our front door barking at a courier delivery man.

Within 10 minutes on the phone to State insurance there was someone on there way to assess the window and get the ball rolling on fixing it. My dad always said, "With State, you'll pay a little bit more, but come claim time, you'll realise why", and it has been that was with every.single.claim we have made with them. They're great, and there's no way we're changing.

I looked into a few different power companies, but to be honest, in the end, I was all a bit confused. I know we pay more than some with our power, but it's easy. I don't have to think about 'on-peak' and 'off-peak' times or reading a meter. It just happens and we get the bill. So I must say, with this, I gave up!

Very happy with our changes and with our not changes. :) And YAY!!! for another goal crossed off.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"You don't have to wait to love yourself"

I think it might be Term burn out, but I've been feeling really euck over the past few weeks, only just starting to feel better now. It's not even necessarily an outward thing and most people wouldn't even know it's going on, but on the insideI've convinced myself that I'm not doing enough, am hopeless at being a mother, at teaching and that I need to sort myself out to be worth anything.

I get peaks and troughs of these feelings and I couldn't exactly say why - possibly stress or doing too much int he first place. I think most of mine stems from my expectations of myself. When I'm at that point it's like there's a rain cloud over me all day, every day and even when I make a conscious effort to be happy I'm aware that really I'm not. It makes the moments like these when I'm feeling better seem like a technicolour of sky in comparison. I feel energetic, motivated and...happy. 

So, to begin the Love Yourself Challenge this week I was asked to list 5 ways that I can love myself better. Here they are. I may not be able to stick to them all the time, but I at least hope to keep myself mindful of them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

It's been a while between Tasty Tuesdays, mostly because I haven't been doing anything amazing in the kitchen. But thinking about it, I should really share what I've found amazing over the last few months....more to come.

But first!

A few weeks ago we had these Skinny Thai Meatballs and they were delicious!

Tomorrow my mum is coming over for dinner. I'm going to attempt the Stuffed Pork Tenderloin from this post (Uhhh, YUM!) and this decadent dish for dessert (DOUBLE YUM!)

Now, I haven't really been doing anything new in the kitchen lately for a few reasons...
One being that it's been a hectic few weeks and we've either been out a lot or too exhausted to cook anything new or exciting so we go back to the same old, tried and true dishes. The other main reason is that many of our current recipes come from the 'Fit Girl' Cookbooks.

They're great! But I can't share any with you on here because they're all from paid for cookbooks...or can I? What I can do is promote the books here, because they're amaaaze balls in terms of motivation (and just for a bit of a giggle) and tell you our favourite meals thus far.

There are currently 3 cookbooks - 28 Day Jumpstart, Fitkini Body Challenge and The Fit Girls Cookbook Our faves are the Sweet potato wraps and blueberry pancakes. My personal favourite are the pizzas. I can attribute the sentiment behind these books (which is clean eating and being active basically) to my 17kg weight loss. Thoroughly recommend. :)

Eat something yummy this week.