Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Where am I going?

I AM LOVING THIS CLEAN EATING THING! I have so much energy. I'm constantly trying to find things to do so that I'm not sitting tapping my foot. It's amazing. I'm also sleeping better (or at least not waking up tired, because I always was a good sleeper) and am in better moods - most of the time, lol. These are all things that I think I didn't really have a problem with - I thought I had enough energy, I guessed I just wasn't getting enough sleep, or it was just something to put up with, and I thought I was in a good mood most of the time. Well, I was I guess - I got things done, I slept OK and I managed not to bite most people's heads off, but in comparison to how I feel now, it shows.

What's better is that most of the time I don't feel hungry, and when I do I'm filling up faster than I previously was. All from not eating too much refined food. It's been great.

Another major change I've made is the way I move. Upon my request, my husband bought me a Fitbit for Christmas. After wearing it for a couple of days in my normal routine and clocking up between 5 and 7 thousand steps I knew it was time for a change. I haven't done less that 10000 steps for 2 weeks now and the fitbit has made me conscious of that fact. It also has sweet challenges that make you want to do more and more (one day I did 30000), if you're competitive like me that is.

So now, after doing this for 2 weeks I can pop an additional 4.6kgs to my weight loss. My goal in December was to maintain what I had lost so far, or gain only a weeny bit. It was Christmas and the goodies was calling my name. Not to mention the 3 Christmas get togethers and 1 New Years get together. Weight loss just wasn't happening. I was happy to only gain a little during this time. My weight loss to date is 8.3kg, which is a super steady weight loss if I back date that to around October when I began.

I wanted to write something that might motivate others as I myself had read all of this kind of stuff before - improved energy, better sleeping patterns, super easy blah blah blah - and it just never stuck. Although I'm only a little way through this I can feel that this is it. I know this is a lifestyle change for me. How do I know - I'm not drinking coke zero anymore. If this was just about weight for me I'd be chugging that 0 calorie shiz back like nobodies business. And because of that I know this is about more.

So, here is 5 quick things that you could change today, that will begin to help. I hope they're easy. They've definitely seemed that way.

- Cut out added and unnecessary sugar. Yes, this includes substitutes like what is in coke zero. Why? It desensitizes your taste buds to natural flavours. Nothing is naturally that sweet. I love the flavours of a lot of foods now that I'd thought for a very long time I never liked. Which brings me to my next point...

- Eat tonnes of fruit and veges. Like, pack those veges in there super tight. Just be careful of those potatoes and starchy numbers, they're tricky. And go for fruit instead  of something else, as they can be a bit tricky too with possible high sugar contents. They're good, but perhaps not in the tonne loads like I said. People who know me well will laugh at this. I'm terrible with veges. Well laugh at me with this spinach in my mouth mofos!

- Portion size. Another one of those things I'd heard and tried before, but never really stuck. When you eat the right kinds of foods (whole grains, veges, lean meat), the right sized portion will fill you up. Our meat eating in particular has dramatically decreased. I calculated that a supermarket shop of meat this weekend that would usually have made us 6-8 meals was now making us 20-25 meals. I just rip open the packages I've bought, weigh it and portion it out into little baggies. Works a treat. Just google what amounts of things is considered a healthy serving.

- Make sure it's a lifestyle change and NOT A DIET. My birthday is next Monday, and I will have cake. It will have super refined white flour and sugar and will be against everything I've just written about. I will eat it with a giant smile on my face and know that it's not the end of my new lifestyle, it's part of it. Some days I will want *insert disgustingly deilcious unhealthy food here* and that's OK, as long as it's not a habit, as long as it's not an always and as long as my mind and body know this. Everything in moderation... unless it's water, drink the hell outta that shiz.

- Move. It doesn't have to be insane, just get up off your butt. Gym membership definitely not required. I'm determined to lose my whole 30kg without a gym membership, because I know they don't work for everyone. I want to show you can do it without one.  To start? Take a walk, clean the house, do some gardening. Just get up and move, more specific exercises can happen when you feel more fit.

And then let me know how you're finding it xox

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New week, new Weekly 10

Smashed last week outta the park so I better do the same this week....

1) Write some blog posts - Weight catch up, 30 before 30 catch up etc.

2) Log my food every day with 'My fitness pal'.

3) Get my Willow tattoo.

4) Stay as up to date with my 'focussing on' schedule as possible.

5) Work on setting up the classroom.

6) Turn 29!

7) Clean out the garage.

8) Finish reading the Jojo Moyes book.

9) Visit the central Auckland Playgrounds.

10) Get some more new restaurants under my belt - 30 before 30!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

Tasty Tuesday has fallen off a bit of late - over Christmas I was far too busy and now we're mostly eating the same thing every day while we're trying to lose weight - albeit yummy stuff.

I have two recipes that I made over the past few weeks, one for a Chirstmas party that went down a treat - veeeeery sweet though. I'll start with those.

I made these Mars bar balls to accompany a cheesecake. Pretty basic. They reminded me of the marshmallow balls everyone makes with coconut on them. Such a simple recipe that could be recreated with so many different fillings and coatings. AND super easy!

The 'bang bang' in Bang Bang Chicken comes from the kick in the sauce I think. I enjoyed it. We made ours shallow fried rather than deep fried and I feel they lost some of their charm because of it, but we scoffed it down none the less!

That's all for today. I play to write about our fit food revolution in the next little while, so keep an eye out for that. The weight is falling off me, I have heaps of energy and I'm not even hungry. Oh, and I'm super proud of myself too.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekly 10 - How did I go?

1) Get Willow 365 and the photo books up to date
Like, they are super up-to-date

2) Morning walks with Jake every morning

I've also found the evenings to be lovely.

3) Fix Leah activity books

4) Get rid of the Christmas tree!
Well, it's outside... Damien reckons he's 'letting it dry out'. *rolls eyes

5) Clean out Leah's craft cupboard

6) Email Cat rescue about donations
I didn't email them as such but I did have a read of their facebook page and website and know what to do now. Leah is going to be so excited to help look after the little kitties by donating things.

7) Visit some more playgrounds from our Summer bucket list
Completed our North Shore list with 2 more parks. Watch out for a post coming up about our playground bucket list.

8) Do Leah's monthly photo
You can see it here

9) Print photos for frames
One down, one to go. The frame in Willow's room is on hold for a bit until I take our 'Big sister/little sister' photos. Coming soon!

10) Complete 'sell' pile and get some of it sold
None sold yet though...might go and bump them now...

So, that's everything crossed off, what a legend. Now for next week....

Friday, January 2, 2015

Weekly 10

1) Get Willow 365 and the photo books up to date

2) Morning walks with Jake every morning

3) Fix Leah activity books

4) Get rid of the Christmas tree!

5) Clean out Leah's craft cupboard

6) Email Cat rescue about donations

7) Visit some more playgrounds from our Summer bucket list

8) Do Leah's monthly photo

9) Print photos for frames

10) Complete 'sell' pile and get some of it sold

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Weekly 10

 1) Make a budget for when I'm back at work in February.

2) Literacy ideas school planning sheet.
I didn't complete this but I've done a fair whack, and she's a big job, so I'm happy to cross it off as I've began. It was so good to get my head into thinking about school again!

3) Blog about advent calendar and Leah's Christmas activities.

You can see the post here.

4) Get Willow 365 and the photo books up to date.
Although I've worked on both these things I want to add them to next week to keep up some more.

5) Game... and then game some more.
I did game, just not a lot. I'm trying to keep my step count up on the fitbit so haven't wanted to sit down for extended periods. I shall game again tonight once the girls are asleep though. Thursday night is video game night.

6) Weed the vege garden

7) Finish reading the Fit Girls Worldwide Jumpstart book read for Jan 1st.

8) Relax... it's Christmas!

9) Get out for some walks.

10) Get started on the new raised gardens.
The husband has measured and designed the gardens and I'd imagine we'll be buying the wood for these in the next few weeks. Exciting times!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

Wowee. What a December. It's been a busy one that's for sure and it's all caught up with me in the last little while - I have been a very sleepy mumma for the past couple of days. But it's all been worth it. I have one very happy girl who has loved Christmas this year. We've done an advent calendar of sorts every year, but with being on maternity leave at the moment I had a lot of time to put into making this years, and I want to share it with you all :)

It was really easy to set up really. A bit of time and effort, that I even feel like I could of put in if I was at work like usual. A lot of the set up was done sitting on the computer while I watched TV at night - a pretty normal past time for me.

By 'set up' I mean making the actual cards. The hardest part was thinking of the activities. Most are self explanatory, but those that aren't I will explain. Here are the cards, you can download them from my google drive by clicking on the links.

Here are what the front of the cards looked like (what the 'tree' in the photo was made out of).

And these were what I printed and attached to the back of the cards (the activities).

The elf seeds were a favourite... of mine. I just love the idea. Leah thought it was pretty cute but even at 3 she was a bit skeptical - 'Did daddy put these in here?'
What you do is place 'elf seeds'  into a bowl of 'soil' - we used red and green m&ms and a bowl of sugar. We planted our seeds in the 'soil' and a few days later.....

....candy canes sprouted!

Every day we woke up and found and read our new day's card.

And at some point during the day we completed our activity. Here are some of my favourite photos from the month.
Decorating the tree...

Going to Santa's Wonderland...

Writing Santa Letters...

Taking silly christmas photos...

Making a Christmas themed dinner and dessert.

Leah's rudolph hair for her daycare party

Our Christmas photos...

Our photo with Santa... (with no mummy in it this year! What a brave girl!)

Our sweet as gingy house...

And dancing to Christmas Tunes...

It's been a busy December, but it's been a fun one. Looking forward to maybe getting an Elf on the shelf for next year's delights.