Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another week, another Weekly 10

1) Do a journal page

2) Go through photos on computer and organise

3) Get some cracking photos of the Balloons over Waikato

4) Plan some more at home activities to do with Willow and Leah

5) Read at least 50% of the new bookclub book

6) Wrap birthday present

7) Plan out what's left of the 30 before 30 - what am I missing?

8) Take Willow's 7 month photo

9) Relax? Even a little bit.

10) More regular sleeping pattern - bedtime and wake time. You can do it!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weekly 10 Round up

1) Weed the vege gardens and research what to do to get the soil ready for planting
Done! As well as tidied a few other things out in that part of the garden. Was nice to get out there today when it wasn't steaming hot.  For my research these are the things I found out that I now have to do in preparation of planting.
  • Paint the new garden (didn't come up in research but this is the first thing to do now)
  • Level out soil that's in there already and put down newspaper/cardboard
  • Make a layer of manure/leaves/seaweed etc
  • Top with good quality top soil
2) Update baby books

3) Clean out photo roll on my phone
What a job this was. I've got all the photos on my computer and have almost finished deleting what I don't want off my phone. Next job is to go through what's on the computer.

4) Plan my holidays (yes, I plan my relaxation time to get the most out of it... it's sad)
I've begun this by making a list of things I want to do. I may just leave it at that and actually plan what to do on a day-by-day basis.

5) Follow up about my half sleeve
Will try to make an appointment in the holidays to discuss.

6) Have a mummy and Leah date (next Sunday)
Rearing to go tomorrow.

7) Make Easter egg present basket and labels for gifts
Ta da!

8) Get to bed at a reasonable time every night of the week - 9pm!
Shooooocking at this. On the nights I could I did... mostly.

9) Put up quote art in bathroom
Or throw them away cuz they were causing me so much annoyance! lol. Think I will buy some.

10) Keep to the cleaning schedule as much as possible

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

I made this Snickerdoodle apple bread in the weekend and it's delicious. I even made it with almond milk and wholemeal flour and it's still tops! My husband grumbled about the crunchy, sugary top, but I loved it! Nom.

Brown Sugar Chicken is what's for dinner tomorrow tonight. YUM! Looks great doesn't it. Verdict in next week's Tasty Tuesday post.

Enjoy xox

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekly 10 for a new week

1) Weed the vege gardens and research what to do to get the soil ready for planting

2) Update baby books

3) Clean out photo roll on my phone

4) Plan my holidays (yes, I plan my relaxation time to get the most out of it... it's sad)

5) Follow up about my half sleeve

6) Have a mummy and Leah date (next Sunday)

7) Make Easter egg present basket and labels for gifts

8) Get to bed at a reasonable time every night of the week - 9pm!

9) Put up quote art in bathroom

10) Keep to the cleaning schedule as much as possible

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Weekly 10 round up

1) Completely finish 'The Jigsaw man' - done, finto, no more!

and 70% of the way through the last book in a series from my favourite author - Richelle Mead

2) Spray paint the hooks from around the washing line

3)  Make labels for our wardrobe and put them up

4) Write some progress updates about 30 before 30. I've been up to lots, but haven't blogged it

5) Make more of a dent in that 40 before 40 list

I added 6 items to the list - making 7 in total. 40 is going to be tough!

6) Do that Mauku 10k
Tomorrow anyway :P

7) Put up outside art

8) Make sure gaming isn't the thing that gets left out this week!

Switched it up and played the wii u instead of the DS and really enjoyed it. Pikmin 3 FTW!

9) Book in our high tea for the holidays
I believe this is done. A friend was doing so for us.

10) Make some yummies for my work mates and Damien's workmates

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

These Candied bacon and choc chip cookies were strange. Both my husband and I commented that the bacon wasn't really noticable in them. They were gobbled up none-the-less.

The flavour in these Zucchini Fritters was amazing, even though I'm hopeless at making fritters and they never seem to turn out right!

These Dill Chicken Skewers were super dooper easy and super dooper yummy. Will definitely make again.

I'm amazed at the moment with the change in our diet and lifestyle how much I taste food. I used to like food before (clearly!) and now I still love it, I just appreciate it in a different, and what I feel is a better way.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Playgrounds, Playgrounds, Playgrounds!

I just love the 'Auckland for Kids' website. I'm a mum who really loves to do things with my little ones. We like to be out and about exploring and our Big Backyard of Auckland is absolutely perfect for that exploring.
Late last year they put out this list about the best playgrounds in Auckland and in good Kate fashion I took it as a personal challenge. Tough challenge it is too. Poor Leah had to play her socks off!

So far we have visited 7 out of the top 10 (recently) and two we have visited in the past so we're taking that as 9 out of 10 from the initial list, although we would like to visit Barry Curtis Park and One tree hill again. The only one we haven't visited is Gladstone park as, in comparison with the rest, looked a little lacklustre. I'd like to visit the rose gardens again, as well as the Parnell Baths, so who knows, we may go there in the near future.

We also visited a few of the recently opened or refurbished parks that are outlined at the bottom of the list. There are still a few more here that we'd like to play at, but maybe when we're in the vicinity. Keith Hay Park looks primo! 

Here's our little write up on each of the parks.

Our first trip saw us knocking out a tonne of West Auckland parks in one day. Luckily we took our lunch AND happened to see Mr Whippy on the way or it may have been melt down central. Tough day. We took our friend Maddie on this trip.

Olympic Park:
Our first stop. What I like about Olympic park is there's a mix of an old style playground as well as the newer stuff - climbing frames, the giant swing and twisty turny numbers. The sand underfoot on the one side if pretty cool too, if you're little on is into that. This day Leah was all about the swings, and mummy has about 1001 photos of Leah on swings so I didn't get many shots at this one. 
Parrs Park:
Parrs park didn't make it to the top 10 but is recently refurbished so you can find it at the bottom of the link I shared earlier. How cool are these water play bits and bobs that they're popping in at new parks? Leah's favourite thing at the moment is climbing so the tower got most of her attention this day, but the water play was definitely mummy's favourite part! The tower was a weeny bit scary for mummy as I couldn't see Leah the whole time, and that thing is taaaall. But she managed herself. I'm by no means a helicopter parent but when she's a good few meters upwards I'd like to be able to see if she's OK and hasn't frozen on one of the ladders! I do have to giggle at how different older kids react to her pace on the ladders in these things - some barge straight past her and hear, "hey! that's not berry nice" from bossy Leah while others wait patiently, getting a glazed look over their faces when they realise what they're in for.

Tui Glen Park:
Tui Glen made it to spot number one on the Top Ten list, and it's quite clear why. It's just plain cool. Different to any of the others and in the coolest of ways. It has pyramid towers with giant swings, a cool flying fox and a tree house! Little Miss Climber particularly loved the towers and bridges. She also really likes the space net style climbing frames but isn't quite confident enough for them yet (and neither is mummy).

Coyle Park:
What an awesome setting for a park, absolutely beautiful. Especially in the time of year we went (December) when the pohutakawa were out in full bloom, stunning.What I noticed about all these choice parks that got a place in the top ten was they had things that stood out. Coyle park has one of those sweet push and ride trains (that they also have at one tree hill) and the main part of the playground had some musical instrument boards that Leah really liked. She also loved the dragon sculptures at one of the entrances. Variety is the spice of life they say - enough of those kit set plastic playgrounds and more of these original ones please Auckland Council!

Rocket Park:
This was the last of our parks on our big journey that first day. It doesn't really seem like anything special on the surface, but again, it's different. The cool space theme with the space ships and castle in the middle with binoculars for spying allow children to use their imagination in addition to using swings and rocking toys the way they're intended. Again, Miss Climby Pants needed to get to the top of the rocket a couple of times.

Our second trip saw us venturing over the shore with our friend Eli, our first stop was...

Onepoto Domain:
This is the kind of place I'd want within walking distance of my house. The playground isn't really the drawing attraction at this place - it's the wicked cool bike trail! Lovely setting too. Leah had a great time on the giant slide and running along the board walk.

Swell Park:
Swell park is a new park in a newly developed area of Long Bay. It's got some cool, quirky little bits and pieces. Eli loved the boat and the way the stairs and tunnel slides are organised are pretty clever. The little houses and bridge are super cute too.

Our third trip was in central Auckland, we took Daddy on this trip. Yay for the holidays!

Myers Park:
Loooooved the look of this playground. Great for photos. Again, Leah liked all the new things that she doesn't see at every old playground. Everything is a great climbing frame in her mind too, so winning! The giant swing is pretty damn cool.

Daldy Street Playground and Wynyard Quarter Playspace:
You could almost say these are pretty much the same park. Leah loved the giant slide and didn't want to leave the water play area. Great climbing parts at the Wynyard Quarter space and it's close to a little water feature that all the kids like to play in too!

Potter's Park:
 You can't get cooler than a water park, except if Mr Whippy turns up. I swear that guy follows us around. Great time had by all. So.Much.Fun!

And then one day in between somewhere we made it to the Snakes and Ladders Playground...

Snakes and ladders playground:
Such a cool concept and great use of otherwise dead space. Leah didn't play the snakes and ladders game as such (she's not quite old enough to understand that she was the counter. Well, either she didn't understand or she just wanted to play!), but she had a great time playing on the slides and climbing the steps nevertheless.

Most recently Leah and I had a Mummy/Daughter day and one of our stops was....

Roberta Reserve:
First and foremost - what a stunning little spot. So beautiful, especially on the lovely day we went. This is a brand new playground and has some great little features. Leah especially liked the spinning top and the balancing stumps.

And one last one which is worth a mention. This one is worth a mention not because Leah loved it so much but because I think Willow will in a few month's time.

Little Town Green Playground:
This playground is most suited for younger toddlers and even friendly for crawlers. Leah found it a wee bit boring because there were no high things to climb on, the daredevil.  It certainly is a cute little spot. The in ground trampolines are clever and I thought the sandpit (with toys!) was a cool addition to bring in the older kids (as well as the littlies).