Thursday, December 18, 2014

How am I going with the 30 before 30?


I'm please with how I'm getting on with these goals. Because the bulk of them are so lofty it's not like I'm going to be knocking them out of the park on a weekly basis. I'm totally stoked that I have two crossed off the list at the moment and 28 goals in 13 months doesn't seem like such a big deal,  especially when I'm chugging away with them and already have some planned. 
Check out these bad boys with the big ol' line through them.

I've done a little bit of mapping out of when they might be completed and so that I can see which ones might be needing some attention. 

#3. Learn how to apply a good face of make up. Sometime in January my lovely friend has set up a lesson for me to learn 3 looks with make up - one for every day wear, one for casual outing and one for a 'fancy pansy I want to wear make up' night out. I think that'll be this goal done! Yus!
#5. Get my half sleeve. The planning begins on the 14th with an appointment to get my Willow tattoo done and then discuss my half sleeve.
#23. Ensure I'm getting the best deal with phone/power/insurance etc companies. Change if need be. I have checked on power to far. I'll get on to the others in January and then I'll be done. I'm thinking that phone could change but I'm not wanting to change insurance as I've had some great claims over the past couple of months with my current provider which has hit home how good they are.

#6. Do the colour run - Locked and loaded for the 15th I believe.

#16. Have high tea. I'm wanting to get this done in the holidays. Yay for some me time!

#27. Save up for and splurge on something just for me. This will give me three terms to save - I want to make a plan of how much I could have here. I quite like the look of the savings plan below. If I begin on Jan 1, I would have 40 weeks saving by the end of September when I'm on school holidays. That's $800 to buy me some goodies with! :D
#30. Find a musical instrument that Leah would like to play, and buy her one. I think we have already decided on an instrument for her. I would like to put it on lay-by in September so we can pay it off over a year ready for 5th birthday the following September.


"Hey Kate", I hear you say, "how about some of the ongoing goals?
Well, you might be interested to know that I'm down 5.6kg (that's almost 20% of the goal complete!) for my Goal #2: Lose 30kg. I've also been learning some new hairstyles for my girls for Goal #6 (just Leah at the moment) and found a great you tube channel that's seriously helpful. I'm onto my 6th book of #9: read 30 books. For #28. Learn how to make 5 cocktails, I've begun putting together a liquor cabinet and loving it. I feel like an adult! lol. I have made a cosmo so far. So that's one off the list.

I'm wanting to make a list of Restaurants (for #22) and places to go for photos (#19) for each month next year so I've got a plan. Might add that to a Weekly 10 list.

And some other things I'm being completely crap at, but doing these progress posts always helps me to see that...and get excited about what I've done and have planned. Woo hoo!