Friday, October 31, 2014

Things I'm Loving

I can tell you one thing I'm not loving this week - the weather. Man it's been shocking. I haven't been able to get out for a walk at all. But some fun things have gone on...

I'm loving the confidence in my big girl. Two months ago at the same playground she was terrified of climbing on this and needed a lot of my help, as she wanted to give it a go, but was scared. During this visit she was nothing short of a spider monkey and poor helicopter mummy had to keep on asking her not to go to high lest I have a heart attack. It's bittersweet to hear the words, "I can do it myself mummy, I don't need your help". What a clever girl.

I'm loving American Horror Story: Freak Show. I've watched all the seasons of this show, I love horrors, and had found the original series 'Death House' the best. I didn't particularly like 'Asylum' at all, but did really like the last installment 'Coven', although it didn't really have too much of a scary vibe. This season though, I'm scared. I think it could be good enough to become my favourite season. How scary is Twisty? I haven't even got a fear of clowns and this guy gives me the hebe jebes.

Loving Cloud Dough. Is so easy to make and was probably the first messy thing that Leah and I have made that she really got stuck into.

 I love my Halloween nails so much, we all know I like sugar skulls... I may have to find some more designs that have them because I just love these so much.

Loving how we're moving from newborn to being able to do some things other than stare, lol. She has a beautiful smile and coos like a trooper. This morning she did a roll, but I think it was a fluke. Her neck is getting so strong. She's just a delight.

Now, I don't love what he's doing, but I sure love how cheeky this dog is. Jake loves sleeping on his or our bed during the day, but when Willow is sleeping in there, the door is closed. I had kicked him off the couch about 10 times and then couldn't find him. He was on the end of Leah's bed trying it out. Cheeky boy.
And lastly, I love my little ladybird, all ready for her first daycare disco. She's too cute, this kid. I love her so much.
What are you loving this week? 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Three Year Old Thursday - Obstacle Course

This was one of my favourite things I've done with Leah. I had such a great time designing the course and it was fun seeing her use it, deciding what to do at each station, especially the teddy pick up/drop off station.

Leah got her new trike and scooter for her most recent birthday, she's had her smaller push along style bike for a while and still likes to use it (although she's getting a bit tall). She liked using all the 'vehicles' on the course and I would love to make a bigger one in future, perhaps with some input from her of what to have from the course, as with this one I set it up before she arrived home.

This is what she arrived home to:

Here are the features...

And here's some shots of the action.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

With my new healthier lifestyle I've tried not to make it at all 'diet-y' because they never work. Because of this I've been making dinners similar to what we normally have, but eating less, or substituting a side dish for something else. It's been working really well. You just wait for my next update! It also means I ensure that I'm not compltely cutting out any of the things I love, but working around them and being more aware of what they mean for me in the way of calories etc. Which is why there is a delectable cheesecake on the list this week!

So today I share....
This Toblerone Cheesecake was so decadent, and super dooper easy.

Monday, October 27, 2014

This Month at a Glance - October 2014

I saw this idea on another blog and I usually love to give credit in that case... but I can't for the life of me remember where - if it's you, please let me know! Great idea!

This post is a cool new addition of many levels. It's a nice easy post to write and it allows me to look back through what I've accomplished this last month. At the moment it really showed me how much little Willow has grown, she's not a newborn anymore, that's for sure! It also gives readers another chance to see a post they may have missed for one reason or another and highlights what I think are the best ones. A digest if you will.

My favourite Weekly 10 of this month was the first. It was a mixture of getting some things done and also taking some time for myself - a nice turn that Weekly 10 has taken from now on. There was also a couple of Chirstmassy things in there which makes my heart sing!

I love watching Leah play make believe and the Three Year Old Thursday post about the Make believe tea party was all about that. So cute.

The most recent Things I'm loving was the best this month - best weather, best outlook on life at the moment. I've been feeling a bit dull during October and this week had a change in that. It's nice to be out of the fog again :).

This Words for Wednesday sums up my outlook on life - always striving for better, more or less.

And I'm SO excited for the start of my new healthier lifestyle. I think that's the biggest reason for my mood change this week. Whether it's the healthier food or the attitude that I'm so doing this, it doesn't matter....I love it!

So there's October, hate to leave you but I hear November is looking good and the weather is on the up.
Ka kite Whiringa-ā-nuku. Haere ra.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekly 10: 25 - 31 October

For me:
1. Follow morning and night routines skin routines.
Every single day! So proud of myself.

2. Start my healthy eating lifestyle (:
And I'm feeling proud of myself again. Feeling like I can really stick to this, at this stage - loving it.

3. Listen to music during the day.

For Work:
4. Finish off organising and purging school stuff. Sell the stuff that is in the 'nuh uh' pile.
Patiently waiting for a buyer...

For our house/garden:
5. Do one thing in the garden everyday that I can get out there. 
Nailed the passionfruit vine and tidied the washing line area. I also weeded the front gardens. Still lots to do. I'm really enjoying getting out there which is unlike me. Lol

6. Create a cleaning schedule.
I know I know... it's been on two weeks in a row and I haven't done it, but I REEEALLY want to. I made a start last night. So will pop it on next week's list and make it a priority.

7. DUST and VACUUM! 
I nailed the house yesterday. Completely. I had a huge list of things including 4 loads of washing and pretty much cleaning top to toe and I did it all in between bubba's hour sleeps and piggy feeding schedule. Whoop!

For our family:
8. Have everything ready for dinner so that I'm able to spend some quality time with Leah after daycare.
Quality time, it would seem, is Leah teaching mumma a thing or two.

9. More walks with Jake, and with Bubba.
10. Spend some time on the photo books.
I'm feeling a lot more productive than I have in the last little while for some reason. Which is strange because my output isn't as much. Maybe the quality is better? Or maybe I'm just happier because I'm not running myself ragged. Whatever it is, me likes it. This week I'm sticking with trying to vary my goals, but not putting them under headings.

1. Look into power companies. Is what we're paying OK or should we change.

2. Take Willow's Month 2 photo.

3. Write a 'month at a glance' blog post.

4. Make jobs board and inside fitness cards for school.

5. Clean showers.

6. De-fruit and prune lemon tree.

7. Finish Cleaning schedule.

8. Complete physical baby books and plunket calendar.

9. Do the first 52 list.

10. Choose 5 cocktails I'm going to learn to make for my 30 before 30 cocktail goal.